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Friday, 20 February 1942
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Mr BADMAN (Grey) .- I support the remarks of the honorable member for Barker (Mr. Archie Cameron). In my opinion, the Department of Information should he restrained from making available any news for broadcasting at the present time. Each Sunday evening, radio audiences hear a good deal of information, which is not particularly pleasant news for Australians, but which may be of value to the enemy. About a month ago, I heard a government "spokesman" outline a method by which the Japanese could approach Australia by avoiding and bypassing the Dutch East Indies.

Mr Spender - Who is the "spokesman " ?

Mr BADMAN - I do not know. But I should like to be told why such information was broadcast. Was the purpose to arouse Australians to greater effort, or to disturb public morale by creating a defeatist attitude? Other words that were used in the broadcast were -

We in Australia might expect to be occupied by the Japanese for a considerable time before we would be finally rescued.

The authorities should prevent the broadcasting of such statements, which lead people in Australia to believe that the day is near when the Commonwealth will be occupied by the enemy.

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