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Friday, 21 September 1928

Mr BRUCE - On the 11th September, the honorable member for Hindmarsh (Mr. Makin) asked me the following questions, upon notice--

1.   What royal commissions have been appointed since9th February, 1923, and what amount has been expended on each in salaries, fees, and expenses?

2.   What Select Committees have been appointed since 9th February, 1923, and what amount has been expended on each in salaries, fees, and expenses?

3.   What permanent committees or commissions have been appointed since 9th February, 1923, and what amount has been expcnded on each for salaries, fees, and expenses during each financial year?

I am now in a position to furnish the following information in regard to items 1 and 3:-


Development and Migration Commission. - Exclusive of expenditure on migration activities which has been of a recurring nature since the inception of the joint Commonwealth and State Migration Scheme during the financial year 1920-21, and which expenditure amounted to £66,444 in 1926-27, and £78,135 in 1927-28, the annual cost of the Development and Migration Commission has been as follows: 1926-27, £26,775; 1927-28, £45,957.

Council for Scientific and Industrial Research. - It is pointed out that prior to the establishment of the Council for Scientific and

Industrial Research, very similar functions were carried out by the Institute of Science and Industry which was in operation before the present Government took office. Expenditure (Institute and Council) - 1925-26, £31,464; 1926-27, £39,658; 1927-28, £81,295.

Public Service Board of Commissioners (Constituted under Public Service Act, 1922).- Cost, 1924-25, £50,849; 1925-26, £44,086; 1926-27, £46,127; 1927-28, £49,446.

Home and Territories Department.

Inquiry into treatment of natives in New Guinea.- 1923-24, £882.

Federal Territory Land Board.- 1925-26, £17 6s. 2d.

Northern Territory Primary Producers Board. - Expenditure, nil. Replaced by Primary Production Board Northern Territory.

Board of Inquiry, Aboriginal Compounds.- 1923-24, £186s. 7d.

Marine Board Inquiry, Rachel Cohen - 1923-24, £52 10s. 8d.

Australian War Memorial Board of Management. 1925-26, nil; 1920-27, £22 14s.; 1927- 28, nil. Created September, 1925.

Northern Territory Land Board. - 1924-25, £2152 7s. 4d.; 1925-26, £2458 14s. 5d.; 1926-27, £1359. Ceased to function 31st January, 1927.

Primary Production Board, Northern Territory. Previously composed of members of Northern Territory Land Board, now administered by North Australia Commission. - Expenditure, nil. Created September, 1924.

*Federal Capital Commission. - 1924-25, £2729 12s. 7d.; 1925-26, £880811s. 7d.; 1926-27, £7882 4s. 10d.; 1927-28, £91126s. 8d. Salaries and expenses of commissioners.

Special Board of Inquiry - Immigration Act.- 1925-20, £6469; 1926-27, £998.

North Australia Commission. - 1926-27, £5792; 1927-28, £8277. Administrative expenses only.

* Owing to the extensive ramifications of the Commission's activities, it is not possible to determine upon any amount apart from the figures given, as being purely administrative expenditure.

Department of Works and Railways.

Federal Aid Roads Board. - 1927-28, £153. Appointed under Federal Aid Roads Act of 1926.

Drafting Investigation Committee. - Appointed 3rd July, 1925. Ceased 1st June, 1926.

Department of Markets

Dried Fruits Advances Repayment Board.- 1925-26, £25; 1926-27, £262; 1927-28, £226.

Committee controlling Trade Publicity in the United Kingdom. - The cost of the Trade Publicity Scheme is borne by the dairy produce, dried fruits and canned fruits organizations, and the Commonwealth on a pound for pound basis. The Commonwealth's liability is limited to £100,000. The members of the publicity committee receive no remuneration for their services and the secretarial and other administrative work is carried on by the Department of Markets.

Australia Maize Growers Council. - Nil.

Dairy Produce Control Board, Dried Fruits Control Board, Canned Fruits Control Board. - These boards were brought into existence pursuant to the Dairy Produce Export Control Act 1924, the Dried Fruits Export Control Act 1924, and the Canned Fruits Export Control Act, 1920. The expenditure of the boards is defrayed from levies collected from the producers in whose interest the boards are operating.

Departmentof Trade and Customs.

Commonwealth Lighthouse Tender Board. -

Expenditure, nil. The members of this board act in an honorary capacity.

Expenses of Government representatives on Export Sugar Committee.- 1926-27, £51; 1927- 28, £57.

Department op Defence.

Defence Standing Committee. - Constituted 1925-26. No expenditure involved, the various members of the board receiving their salaries in other capacities.

Air Accidents Investigation Committee. - 1927- 28, £803 14s.

Committee to consider the provision, increase, reserve, storage and control of oil fuel and motor spirit. - Constituted 1926-27. No expenditure involved, the various members of the board receiving their salaries in other capacities.

Department of Health.

Federal Health Council.- 1926-27, £211; 1927- 28, £287. Created November, 1926.

Postmaster-General's Department.

Advisory Board (H. P. Brown, Esquire) loaned by the British Government at a salary of £1,500 for a period of 12 months. - 1922-23, £2,512.

Department of the Treasury.

Civilians' War Claims Board. - 1925-26, £107;

1926-27, £125; 1927-28, £64.

Loan Council- 1923-24, £114; 1924-25, £142; 1925-20, £59; 1926-27, £28; 1927-28, £13.

Taxation Boards of Review and Referees. -

1923-24, £4,956; 1924-25, £5,183; 1925-26, £4,805; 1920-27, £5,969; 1927-28, £7,167.

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