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Wednesday, 13 June 1928

Mr BRENNAN - How does the honorable member suggest that representation shall be granted?

Dr NOTT - Upon the same basis as it was granted to the Northern Territory. "When this population has increased to the required point, the matter could be reconsidered with a view to according its representative the full rights of membership in this Parliament. There can surely be no justification for denying to these people a voice in the government of their city. It has been said that the election of such a representative would have the effect of bringing an undesirable parish pump element into the proceedings of this Parliament; but even if the Territory had three direct representatives they could not ask any more questions of the socalled parish pump type than are now asked of members of the Government. As a matter of fact, the election of a representative would make it unnecessary to bring many of these questions before the House. I submit that we should readily acquiesce in the request that has been made to us. I have been present at several largely attended public meetings in the Territory at which the subject of representation has been earnestly discussed, and I assure the Government that the people speak warmly and logically upon the subject. I have no desire to labour the question. I hope that the Government will, without any hesitation, grant the prayer of the petitioners.

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