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Tuesday, 29 May 1928

Sir NEVILLE HOWSE - On the 23rd May the honorable member for Kalgoorlie (Mr. A. Green) asked me the following questions: -

What is the price (per 1,000) of -

(a)   Bricks from the new Northcote brickyard, Melbourne, delivered in the city of Melbourne?

(b)   Bricks from the Box Hill brickyard, Box Hill, delivered at Brighton, Victoria?

(c)   Bricks from the Canberra brickyards, delivered to a job in (1 ) Acton, and (2) Manuka?

(d)   Bricks at the kilns at (1) new North cote, (2) Box Hill,. (3) Canberra, and (4) Queanbeyan brickyards?

I am now in a position to advise him as follows : -

(a)   85s.

(b)   98s.

(c)   To Commission contractors - (1) 119s., (2) 116s. 6d.; to the general public - (1) 124s., (2) 121s. 6d.

(d)   (1) 68s., (2) 68s., (3) 100s. (to Commission contractors) and 105s. (to the general public), (4) 105s.

Sir NEVILLE HOWSE - On the 24th May the honorable member for

Bourke (Mr. Anstey) asked me the following questions : -

1.   Is it the intention of the Federal Capital Commission to lease the sporting ovals in Canberra? If so, to whom, for how long, and at what rental?

2.   Will those sporting activities which have improved the grounds by voluntary labour be consulted before the leases are drawn up?

3.   Has the Commission considered the advisability of placing the grounds under the control of trustees? If so, with what result?

4.   Has the Minister's attention been drawn to the recent statements made by a prominent visitor to Canberra, that the conditions at the grounds are deplorable? If so, is any action being taken to remedy such an unsatisfactory state of affairs?

I am now in a position to advise him as follows: - 1, 2, and 3. The Commission has at present under consideration the. question of the permanent control of these grounds, including a proposal that they should be vested in trustees, but a decision has not yet been reached. Meanwhile, to meet existing requirements, temporary arrangements are -being made by which certain football bodies, viz., the Federal Capital Territory District Rugby League, and the Canberra Australian National Rules Football League, will have the right to use the grounds during the present season on particular dates that have been mutually agreed upon between the interested bodies. A nominal rental of £5 is being charged, under these conditions, for each of the Manuka and Northbourne ovals, no charge being proposed for Kingston and Acton grounds. The only improvements carried out by voluntary labour consist of the erection of a pavilion at North - bourne oval and the formation of three concrete cricket pitches on the same ground by the Northbourne Cricket Club, with material supplied by the Commission. In considering the question of definite arrangements for vesting the grounds in trustees or for their control by other means, the Commission will have due regard to the public interest and to the requirements of the various sporting bodies interested, who are at liberty to submit their views for consideration.

4.   I have noted a recent press report which had reference to the Manuka sports ground. The remarks contained therein were evidently made without knowledge of the fact that a scheme for the provision of a pavilion and dressing rooms, with water supply, sewerage and lighting, will be executed as soon as funds can be made available. In the meantime, temporary accommodation has been provided for the convenience of the sporting bodies using the grounds.

Sir NEVILLE HOWSE - On the 24th May the honorable member for Reid (Mr. Coleman) asked me the following questions : -

With reference to the revision recently made in hotel tariffs in the Federal Capital Territory, how many guests are affected by the increases, and how many by the decreases, taking the number of guests at the hotels on the date of the change from old to new tariffs as a basis of calculation?

I am now in a position to advise him as follows : -

The number of guests affected by the increase in tariff is 209.

The number whose rates will be decreased cannot be given until the Commission has decided in regard to the applications received from persons desiring the rate for permanent boarders:

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