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Wednesday, 23 May 1928

Bruce'sPlanforthe Next War.

Down wilh the Anti-Union Bill.

Conscription during the last war was only defeated in Australia by the militancy of the Labour movement.

For the Next War.

The designs of the Imperialist Powers against Soviet Russia and the clash of interest between Great Britain and the U.S.A. are speedily tending towards another outbreak of war, which will centre around the Pacific Ocean countries.

Conscription, both for war and industry, will inevitably be brought in by all countries involved.

Bruce has already stated that " When Britain is at war, Australia is automatically at war."

To Crush is in order to render the Australian

Labour movement more docile and submissive, both to the economic demands and the warlike designs of Bruce and his imperialist masters, that this union-smashing bill is introduced.

It is intended to crush the last ounce of militancy out of the trade unions, to so weaken the resisting power of the workers as to leave them mere productive machines and cannon fodder for the benefit of British Imperialism.

Workers of Australia, the situation is critical.

Bow the Workers will Win.

Get together against the war-mongers!

Fight every scheme to weaken militancy in the Labour movement!

Kill these plans by killing Bruce's bill!

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