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Wednesday, 23 May 1928

A Move tosmash Trade Unionism.

The Communist Party's Call toAction.

The entireboss class of Australia is clamouring for a reduction in our living standard in order to satisfy its greed for greater profits.

The British financiers, who are planning to make Australia a special field for the investment of their surplus wealth, are demanding " economy " in the State administration as a guarantee for their dividends. This explains the retrenchment in the Government service.

The Nationalist party is the mouthpiece of the exploiters.

Legalizing the Bludgeon.

The Federal Government now proposes by means of its Arbitration Amendment Bill to secure full control over the trade unions, making them mere appendages of the governmental machine.

Every attempt at militant action can be legally suppressed under the penal clauses of the bill.

Scabbery will be accorded full protection, and, by means of heavy fines for any ordinary act of trade union routine, our organizations can be " legally " outlawed.

Parliament of No Use.

The mock debates that will take place in

Parliament will not avail in preventing the passage of the bill. The anti-Labour majority will be successful.

Reliance on Labour politicians is futile, for did they not place on the statute-book compulsory training and the infamous War Precautions Act?

The real struggles of the workers are not fought in Parliament, but on the industrial field by the militant action of the workers themselves.

Take Action- Now! ! !

There is no time to be lost.

Agitation and organization must be commenced on an Australian-wide scale.

Force every trade union official and Labour politician into the campaign.

Hold workshop meetings.

Arrange mass meetings for Saturday mornings.

Establish fighting councils of action on industrial lines (where none already exist) to organize a break with arbitration and militant opposition to the union-smashing measure.

Brace's Bludgeon Must be Destroyed.

Arbitration is completely discredited, and must be discarded.

Only militant action can protect the workers.

The other pamphlet issued by the Central Executive of the Communist Party of Australia is as follows -

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