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Tuesday, 15 May 1928

Sir NEVILLE HOWSE - The Advisory Council of New Guinea consists of-

The Government Secretary, Mr. H. H. Page.

The Treasurer, Mr. H. C. Townsend.

The Commissioner of Native Affairs, Mr.

H.   C. Cardew.

The Director of Public Health, Dr. E. T. Brennan.

The Director of Agriculture, Mr. G. H. Murray.

The Administrator may, upon the request of any member of the council, or of his own motion, and shall, upon the request of the council by resolution, require the attendance of any officer of the Public Service for the purpose of assisting the council in the discussion of any question in respect of which the officer has expert knowledge.

On the 4th May the honorable member for Ballarat (Mr. McGrath) asked the following questions: -

1.   Is it a fact that the aeroplane landing ground at Rabaul has been covered by buildings ?

2.   If so, where are aeroplanes now to land in the vicinity of Rabaul?

I am now in receipt of the following information from the Administrator : - -

1.   There is no official landing ground for aeroplanes at Rabaul. An old race-course was used by Messrs. Mustard and Parer for this purpose, at their own risk. This area had been resumed by the administration as a site for a native hospital, and was partly built on at the time the airmen referred to landed at Rabaul. The construction of the native hospital is now almost completed.

2.   It is doubtful whether a suitable landing ground can be found in the vicinity of Rabaul, but one may possibly be located a few miles out of the town.

The selection, preparation and control of sites for aerodromes in New Guinea is, however, a matter which comes within the jurisdiction of the Civil Aviation authorities.

On the 3rd May, the honorable member for Ballarat (Mr. McGrath) asked, inter alia, the following question: -

Is it a fact that public money is to be spent on the electric lighting of the administrator's residence at Rabaul, while nothing is being spent in lighting the town?

I am now in a position to inform the honorable member that a system of electric lighting was installed at Government House, Rabaul, some years ago and a new engine has recently been purchased by the administration for the purpose of reconditioning this system. Conditions governing the supply of electric light for the township of Rabaul are now being drawn up by the administration. On their completion, it is proposed to call for tenders for the lighting of the town.

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