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Wednesday, 23 June 1915

Mr FLEMING (ROBERTSON, NEW SOUTH WALES) .- Every manhereknowsthat anynumber of men whohav.enot a fullsupply of teeth are amongst thehardest andmost enduring in thecommunity. A wayout intheback country, andin otherplaces wherehardship hasto be endured,some of the best men, whoput upwith the hardest fare, go throughthe hardest times, and are bestat the end of along days, or week's,or month's work, havea limitedn umberofteeth.I know personally good, hardy men,capable ofbearing armsin anypartofthe world, menof thebestquality, whohave beenturned downsimply onaccount oftheirteeth. Some ofthemhave seenservice, andare stillcapable ofdoingtheverybest of service.Iimplore thePrime Minister tandthoseresponsibletoseethat better treatment is meted out to thesemen,who arevery often passed bythedoctors in the country, andrejected in the city.

Mr.FISHER. - Ishall referthe matter to the proper quarter.

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