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Friday, 11 June 1915

Mr PIGOTT (Calare) . - I think the House ought to be thankful to the honorable member for Melbourne for the valuable suggestions he has made upon this subject, and particularly for his remarks upon the subject of sunlight, though the trouble is that his suggestions, if carried out, may interfere with the whole of the plans. I would urge the Minister to take into consideration the question of valuation, so that we may be able to arrive at some uniform process. At the present time, iri New South Wales, difficulties arise owing to the fact that there are four or five different methods of valuing property. First of all, we have the value put upon land by the municipalities; then we have a separate valuation by the shire3. For resumption purposes the State fixes up another valua tion; there is another valuation for the Federal land tax purposes, and the owner has his own value. So that, altogether, there are five valuations; and in order to bring an end to this state of affairs, I would urge upon the Minister the desirability of entering into consultation with the different States to see if it is not possible to arrive at some uniform system.

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