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Wednesday, 12 May 1915

Mr JOSEPH COOK (Parramatta) . - I am sure that honorable members of this House will join heartily in a demonstration of horror and indignation at this awful crime which has been committed on the high seas. One has only to think of the actual facts for a moment to view the action of the enemy with the utmost horror. We read, for instance, that Germany at present is exulting over the fate of the Lusitania. Just think of it - 150 babies on that boat drowned, and helpless women sent to a watery grave.

Dr MALONEY (MELBOURNE, VICTORIA) - Herod was not as bad.

Mr JOSEPH COOK - The enemylays claim to culture, but surely it is a strange inversion of the generally accepted views of culture that such a crime should have been possible in this twentieth century. Rather than think of this as culture, I would call it a cancerous growth in our civilization, which must be cut out at all hazards if our civilization is to live. It is on a par with what the enemy have been doing recently in many other ways. All these outrages against the common instincts of humanity, even if it be war time, make us set our teeth harder and become more determined that this kind of warfare shall cease, and thai a standard of decent warfare shall be maintained. We are going to see this war through. All these violations of the laws of civilized warfare are so many demonstrations of the enemy's weakness; they prove most surely that we are fighting an outlaw, who subscribes to no standards but those of brute force. It is becoming apparent by this time to most of us that Germany has already lost in this war. But whatever may be the outcome, Germany has lost the respect of the civilized world, and she seems also to have lost her own honour and self-respect, otherwise she would not have resorted to this display of pure savagery. There can be no quarter for a nation like this until she has been beaten and humiliated to her knees, as she deserves to be, for the crimes she has committed against humanity. Germany is fighting not only the British nation and her Allies, but she is fighting humanity as a whole, and I am convinced humanity will win out in the end.

Question resolved in the affirmative.

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