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Thursday, 22 April 1915

Mr CARR (Macquarie) .- I view with considerable regret the position in which we still find ourselves in regard to the Northern Territory. Year in and year out we hear the same wail, when the Estimates are before us, as to the condi-. tion of that portion of Australia. When it was decided by this Parliament some years ago to take it over, I argued that it was our obligation as a nation to as sume the responsibility of financing and developing this northern section of the Commonwealth, seeing that it was so vulnerable a point in our defence system, instead of leaving it to an individual State to carry the whole load. We took it over; but so far we cannot say that we have done any better than the State, of South Australia did with it. When they handed it over to us, the debt on it was something like £6,000,000 or £7,000,000.

Mr.Poynton.- £3,500,000.

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