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Thursday, 22 April 1915

Mr TUDOR (YARRA, VICTORIA) (Minister for Trade and Customs) - We are having information reprinted from the monthly bulletins of statistics, giving in most cases the quantities and in all the values of the importations into Australia affecting most of the lines of the Tariff during the last four and a half years, and the revenue collected in respect of each item. They will be bound up in a small book of handy size, similar to that distributed yesterday.

Mr Fenton - What about information regarding country of origin?

Mr TUDOR - To give that information for a period extending over several years would require the publishing of a book of 700 or 800 pages. The information is made available to members each year, and what the Department has in view in connexion with the Tariff is the. presentation of a condensation which will be useful in the consideration of our proposals. While we have information regarding the importations of 1914, similar information in regard to Australian production is not yet available for 1913, although about three weeks ago I saw an advance copy of such statistics. For information regarding Australian production, the Commonwealth Statistician must depend on the statistics forwarded by the State authorities, and the speed of the slowest State determines the rate of progress in the compilation of that information. I shall lay before honorable members the latest information obtainable, because I am aware that, to consider the Tariff with information regarding importations and without information regarding local production, would be like fighting with one hand tied behind one's back.

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