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Wednesday, 2 November 1904

Mr STORRER (Bass) - I shall support the Government proposal, not because I believe in granting increases generally, but because this Parliament in its wisdom decided some time ago that a Public Service Commissioner should be appointed to deal with the whole question of salaries. Another point is this : Until we have considered the classification scheme, we shall have nothing to do, as the Treasurer has said, but to pass 'these Estimates as a matter of form, on the undertaking given by him that the proposed increments will not be paid until the classification shall have been dealt with by the House. I quite sympathize with the underpaid servants of the Commonwealth, and if

I thought that the passing of this item would injure them in any way, I should vote against it. I shall support the Estimate, because we shall be able to deal with the whole question of increments when the classification scheme is before us at a later date. Although I vote for the item, it is not to be understood that I am in favour of increasing large salaries at the expense of the lower-paid branches of the service.

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