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Friday, 28 October 1904

Mr BAMFORD (Herbert) - Unfortunately, I am not in the same position as the honorable member for Wentworth, in so far as his connexion with Messrs. Burns, Philp, and Company is concerned. I cannot agree with the amendment proposed by the honorable member for Maranoa. When everything is taken into account, the amount of the proposed subsidy is inconsiderable. I have been much impressed by the arguments of the honorable member for Lang, who has pointed out that when the Panama Canal is completed the New Hebrides will occupy a position of great strategic importance. I think that we sliould do everything we can within reason to strengthen our hold upon these islands. There are more important considerations even than those of fostering our trade relations with the islands - considerations of even transcendental importance, to which we should pay the very closest attention. Burns, Philp, and Company are no friends of mine. On the contrary, tRey have been my bitter political opponents throughout my public career; but as I view this matter in the broad light in which it has been presented to the Committee by the honorable member for Lang, I intend to vote in favour of the proposed subsidy.

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