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Friday, 28 October 1904

Mr BROWN (Canobolas) - It is regrettable that there should be any waste of time now that we are approaching the end of the session. Yesterday the Prime Minister indicated the measures with which he desired to deal during the present session, and he expressed a hope that we should conclude our labours by the beginning of December. The measures referred to are all of very great importance, and it would not be fair to this House and the country if they were rushed through without reasonable consideration. If they are to be properly dealt with, it seems to me that there is no possibility of our concluding our business within the time stated. So far as the proposed adjournment is concerned, I do not wish to obtrude my opinion upon other honorable members, but I am prepared to come here on Tuesday as usual. I trust that the Government will consider the advisability of asking honorable members to meet upon Wednesdays and Thursdays at an earlier hour. I think that earlier sittings would be preferable to our extending our deliberations until a very late hour. I have had considerable experience of late sittings in the New South Wales Parliament, and I do not wish to see a similar state of affairs prevail here. I think we should make a special effort to devote as much time as possible to the business of the country during the remainder of the session.

Amendment agreed to.

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