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Friday, 28 October 1904

Sir JOHN FORREST (Swan) - I de- sire to correct the report of my speech last night on the financial' proposals of the Government which appears in this morning's Argus. The Hansard report of what I said, which I have not revised, is this -

I would advise that, in taking over the responsibility of these debts, we should deal only with loans as they mature, and that we should adopt the system of interminable bonds, with power for the Commonwealth to repay at any time after a number of years has elapsed, on due notice being given.

The Argus report contains part of that passage, but it does not give all that I said. It prints in inverted commas the words -

With power to the Commonwealth to repay at any time,, but it omits the words -

After a certain number of years has elapsed, on due notice being given, adding the comment that " my suggestion seemed to tickle the fancy of some honorable members," a pure invention on the part of the reporter. I have probably had as much experience in the raising of public loans as has any other member of the House, and I know that it would be absurd to try to borrow money for an interminable period, with the provision that the borrower could pay it back at any time. Therefore, I do npt wish the statement attributed to me by the Argus to go forth uncorrected. I give those in control of that journal credit for the desire to furnish correct reports ; but I cannot allow their incorrect statement of what I said to pass without contradiction.

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