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Tuesday, 25 October 1904

Mr HUTCHISON (Hindmarsh) - The Minister of Defence recently stated, in reply to a question put by me, that the Acting District Commandant of South Australia was performing the duties attached to that position without pay. I do not suppose that any provision is made in the Supply Bill about to be introduced for the payment of that officer. The Minister of Defence informed the House that he was following the precedent that had been established in Victoria, where the Acting District Commandant had performed the work of that office without remuneration. I would urge that that is a very bad precedent, and that any officer in the service' of the Commonwealth who may be asked to do work, of the kind referred to should be paid for it. If pay is not to be granted, officers in humble circumstances will be precluded from temporarily assuming the position of District Commandant, and their promotion may thus be interfered with. I trust that the Government will pay the Acting District Commandants of Victoria and South Australia, or any other officer who may be placed in a similar position.

Question resolved in the affirmative.

Resolution reported and adopted.

Ordered - -

That Sir George Turner do prepare and bring in a Bill to carry out the foregoing resolutions.

Bill presented by Sir George Turner, and passed through all its stages.

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