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Tuesday, 18 October 1904

Mr MCDONALD (Kennedy) - I am prepared to suggest an amendment to this clause, to provide that one-half of the nonofficial members of the Council shall be elected.

Mr Reid - Twelve is the maximum number, but there are only to be three to begin' with.

Mr McDONALD - Had we known that this Bill was to be gone on with to-night we should have been better prepared to discuss it. We were told last week that as soon as the Budget statement was made, the Manufactures Encouragement Bill would be taken up, and its consideration would occupy the rest of the evening.

Mr Reid - Does the honorable member wish to raise the question whether nonofficial members should be elected?

Mr McDONALD - Yes. From a num ber of letters which I have received from New Guinea, I learn that people there are not satisfied with the form of administration proposed. The diggers who risk their lives in the pioneering work which will render the Territory suitable for white men in the future, are given no representation. They do not believe that, non-official members of the Council who will be appointed will represent them, and they desire representation ' in the Council. I think that even if it were necessary to pay some persons to act as members of the Legislative Council, that should be done, because the pioneers, to whom we must look for the future development of the Territory, should be represented in its administration. It would be wise to further postpone the clause.

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