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Wednesday, 12 October 1904

Joint Platform

1.   Conciliation and Arbitration Bill, as nearly as possible in accordance with the original Bill; as introduced by the Deakin Government, but any member is at liberty to adhere to his votes already given.

2.   White Australia legislation. Maintain Acts in their integrity, and effectively support their intention by faithful administration.

3.   Navigation Bill. Report of Royal Commission to be expedited, and, subject to this, Bill to provide for -

(a)   The protection of Australian shipping from unfair competition.

(b)   Registration of all coastal vessels engaged in the coastal trade.

(c)   Efficient manning of vessels.

(d)   Proper accommodation for passengers and seamen.

(e)   Proper loading gear and inspection of same.

4.   Trade Marks Bill.

5.   Fraudulent Marks Bill.

6.   High Commissioner Bill. The selection of Commissioner to be subject to prior consent of Parliament; the economizing of existing State agencies; full utilization of Federal staff for the benefit of all the States.

7.   Electoral Bill (amendments).

8.   Papua Bill.

9.   Anti-trust legislation.

10.   Tobacco monopoly ; appointment of the present Select Committee as a Royal Commission, with addition of members from both Houses of Parliament.

11.   Iron Bonus Bill. Every member to have freedom of action as to method of control.

12.   Standing Committee on Trade, Commerce, and Agriculture.

13.   Preferential trade to be discussed by joint parties at an early date.

14.   Legislation (including tariff legislation shown to be necessary :

(1)   To develop Australian resources.

(2)   To preserve, encourage, and benefit Australian industries, primary and secondary.

(3)   To secure fair conditions of labour for all engaged in every form of industrial enterprise, and to advance their interests and well-being without distinction of class or social status.

(4)   As to any regulation arising under this paragraph only any member of either party may as to any specific proposal -

(a)   Agree with the members of his own party to be bound by their joint determination, or

(b)   Decide for himself how far the particular circumstances prove necessity, or the extent to which the proposal shouid be carried.

(5)   Royal Commission to be at once appointed to inquire as to the necessary Tariff legislation. Personnel to be approved by Parliament. Commission to report in sufficient time to enable any desired legislation to be introduced next session.

15.   Old-age pensions on a basis fair and equitable to the several States and to individuals.

16.   Quarantine legislation.

17.   Either party may at any time submit to either party any other subjects for consideration with a view to joint action.

Let us consider the first plank in that agreement. It relates to the Conciliation and Arbitration Bill, and is not a proposal to conduct a funeral march behind that measure, as the Ministrv have done. Instead it is a proposal that the Bill- shall be framed as nearly as possible in accordance with the terms' of the measure as it was originally introduced by the Deakin Government, but any honorable member is to be at liberty to adhere to the votes which he has already given.

Honorable Members. - Hear, hear.

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