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Thursday, 22 September 1904

Mr SPEAKER - Order ! It is not for me to determine finally - it is for the House to do that - but it does appear to me that the express prohibition of debate upon any personal explanation,' precludes explanation after explanation being made, first of all, by way of attack, and then by way of reply. If the Honorable and learned member desires to explain any matter, which will not lead to a further explanation in the way of debate, I shall be pleased to hear him._ But I will ask him not to say anything in the nature of debate.

Mr Hughes - There is not one word of truth in what the honorable member for Parramatta has read. What I asked of Packer on the only occasion when I called on him was to be good enough to take me out of their list.

Mr Watson - The honorable and learned member told me that months ago.

Mr Hughes - But he said that he had put my name there with a view of doing me a good turn. I had known him as a member of the Daily Telegraph staff, on which he was a reporter. I told him that was the reverse of what he was doing, and asked him to be good enough to publish a letter of mine to that effect. He said, " I will simply knock the name out, and there will be an end of it."

Mr JOSEPH COOK (PARRAMATTA, NEW SOUTH WALES) - My statement can be further corroborated.

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