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Thursday, 15 September 1904

Mr CROUCH - I wish to ask the Prime Minister, without notice, in reference to the statement just made, that immediately after the defeat of the Deakin Government he had an interview-

Mr SPEAKER - While personal explanations are allowed, it is expressly required by the Standing Orders that they shall not be debated.

Mr CROUCH - I do not propose to debate the personal explanation. I was merely going to ask a question, and, in explanation, to state certain facts.

Mr SPEAKER - If the honorable and learned member proceeds to ask such a question as he has now announced to be his intention to put to the Prime Minister, he will, by doing so, practically be debating the personal explanation made by the honorable member for Wilmot.

Mr CROUCH - I will ask the Prime Minister whether it is true that, immediately after the defeat of the Deakin Government, he had an interview with the honorable member for Wilmot, in which he expressed his satisfaction at the defeat of . the Deakin Government ?

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