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Wednesday, 14 September 1904

Mr FISHER (Wide Bay) - I wish to know what the Prime Minister thinks of the wording of this clause.

Sir John Forrest - What is provided in the clause is a rule in connexion with the government of every Crown Colony.

Mr FISHER - New Guinea, under the Administration of the Commonwealth, will not be a Crown Colony. We should, therefore, see that things are done as we wish them to be done. It has been alleged - I do not know with what truth - that the records' of some of the judicial decisions arrived' at in New Guinea, which are of great importance to certain persons, cannot be found. Therefore, I ask, what is the use . of requiring the Lieutenant-Governor to record his answer to a written request, if the records are to be subsequently lost ? If the Prime Minister is able to tell me that the records of judicial transactions have hitherto been kept, I shall be very glad to hear it. I should like his assurance that -they have been properly kept and safely housed. - The CHAIRMAN.- We are dealing now with the recording of the answers of the Lieutenant-Governor to questions submitted in writing by any member of the Executive Council, not with judicial records.

Mr FISHER - May I point out that the highest court of appeal is in some cases the Executive Council?

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