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Wednesday, 14 September 1904

Mr McDONALD (Kennedy) - I think that the whole of these clauses should be postponed, so that there may be a fair discussion of them. It is not right to those who are developing New Guinea that we should rush the Bill through as we are doing.

Mr McCay - All these clauses were passed by the last Parliament.

Mr McDONALD - I admit that ; but since then further information has been obtained. I think that the Executive Council has been a blot on the Administration of New Guinea. Evidence which has been forthcoming during the last few months shows how lax the administration under the old system has been, and it is proposed to perpetuate it by appointing to the Executive Council officers who are practically interested in covering up the abuses which have taken place.

Sir John Forrest - There is a similar provision in the Constitution of every Crown Colony.

Mr McDONALD - That is no reason why we should apply it to New Guinea. I have come into contact with a good many of those who are helping to develop that country. Most of those who go there come back with their health shattered, and are of little use afterwards.

Sir John Forrest - The honorable member is not speaking of the members of the Executive 'Council, I hope.

Mr McDONALD - I am speaking of those who make it possible for the Government officials to draw big salaries in administering the Territory. At the present time the miners who are developing the country have no " say " in its management.

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