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Wednesday, 14 September 1904

Mr REID - I should like to say tomy honorable friend, that, so far as I can see. there is no possible objection to these clauses.. Although they are important, in one sense, they are absolutely unavoidable. We must have a Lieutenant-Governor of the Territory, but this clause does not involve the question of his salary. That matter is dealt with in another part of the Bill . This is a form of machinery similar to that adopted in dealing with territories of aii kinds in the British Empire. There is nothing new in it. It has been tested for many years in the administration of Crown Colonies, and it is really very important that we should proceed with business. When we reach any clause which honorable members consider to be open to discussion, or to present- any difficulty, I shall be happy to postpone it if requested to do so. We may just as well deal with these clauses, to which, I am sure, there will be no objection.

Mr. BROWN(Canobolas).- There are a number of clauses in this part of the Bill to which I do not take exception, but when we reach the clause dealing with the Executive Council and its powers-

Mr Reid - I shall be prepared to postpone' that clause.

Mr BROWN - There is also a clause dealing with the question of land tenure-

Mr Reid - I shall be prepared to postpone that or any other clause, the consideration of which honorable members express a desire to defer.

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