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Wednesday, 14 September 1904

Mr McCAY (CORINELLA, VICTORIA) (Minister for Defence) - The replies to the honorable and learned member's questions areas follow : -

1.   Yes.

2.   Lt.-Col. Savage receivedĀ£1,154 17s. 2d., and Colonel TauntonĀ£1,619 17s. 3d. The services of these officers were dispensed with in pursuance of a scheme of retrenchment rendered necessary to meet the wish of Parliament for a reduction in Defence expenditure - that was in 1902-3 - and in view of the exceptional circumstances, Parliament was asked, and agreed to vote a sum as compensation (computed at . the rate of one month's pay for each year of service) to members of the' Permanent Forces retired in consequence of such retrenchment.

I may add that that compensation was given to every one retired at that time, in consequence of retrenchment.

Mr Crouch - I did not notice it was at the same time.

Mr McCAY - The reply to the third question is : -

It was announced to Parliament at the time when these and other gratuities were approved that they were not to be regarded as a precedent ; and it is not intended to establish a practice of granting gratuities on retirement.

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