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Friday, 12 August 1904

Mr PAGE - That cry has repeatedly been raised by them, and they complain because we were returned on the labour ticket. Machine politics were invented by honorable members opposite, in order to secure our defeat, and now that we resort to the same weapon, but use it much more effectively than they have been able to do, they decry us, and seek to render it impossible for our organizations to be continued.

Mr Webster - We are here.

Mr PAGE - And we are going to remain here. We are like a porous plaster, which takes a lot of pulling off.- It is said that unionists exact a pledge from every labour candidate, and that statement is correct. They exacted one from me, and I was delighted and proud to give it. As a matter of fact, I would give them twenty pledges if they asked for them. Honorable members may wish to know the reason. In the olden days 'the workers of Queensland voted again and again for men who promised us everything, the Kingdom of Heaven included, provided that they were returned. The consequence was that we secured their election; but as soon as they reached Brisbane they forgot all about the poor back-blockers, and we- never heard of or saw them again until the next election came round. Then they served up the same old dish, dressed un with a little greenstuff.

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