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Tuesday, 9 August 1904

Mr PAGE (Maranoa) - I cannot understand the attitude assumed by the honorable member for Hume. He has been fairly and squarely beaten, and I do not know what further he wants, The honorable member for Moreton is not satisfied be cause the Lyndhurst site has not been selected, and he now wishes to vote for a site in the Southern District. Apparently, ".he dunno where 'e are." If honorable mem- _ bers were to be allowed to back and fill in the way suggested there would be no finality. The position was clearly defined by the Speaker, and I think that we should proceed to make a definite choice. If

Tooma had been selected we should have heard no such question as that which is now raised. I agree with the right honorable member for East Sydney that we have had a good square "go" in connexion with the balloting. There has been no log-rolling, and every honorable member has had a fair opportunity to- vote for the site he preferred. I am pleased to notice that the honorable member for Macquarie is sitting back smiling.

Mr Reid - He has made a good fight and has not turned sour.

Mr PAGE - -He accepts his defeat like a man. The honorable member for Hume wants votes to be taken with regard to Tooma, Tumut, Tumberumba, and other sites, and will not be satisfied until Dalgety has been rejected. If both Houses decide that the Capital is to be. established in the South-Eastern District we shall arrive at finality, and the honorable member for Hume will have no more picnic parties to cart around.

Sir William Lyne - That is a mean thing to say.

Mr PAGE - It is absolutely true.

Sir William Lyne - It is a mean suggestion.

Mr PAGE - The honorable member had nothing to say about Tooma last year, but strongly advocated the claims of .Tumut. This year the Tooma site was introduced, and now that it has been rejected, the honorable member wishes to secure the defeat of the Bombala site. If he is a sportsman he should take his defeat like a man.

Sir William Lyne - I always take my defeats better than does the honorable member.

Mr PAGE - I take them as gracefully as I can. I can do no more. If the honorable member can accept defeat more philosophically than I can, that is his gain and my loss. He reminds me of the little boy playing marbles, who, when he is defeated, exclaims : " Give me back my marbles. You did not beat me fairly." His action is equivalent to a regular school boy's trick. The Southern Monaro district has been selected by- this Committee, and the Bombala area has been chosen by the Senate. Consequently, there is every prospect of an agreement being arrived at between the* two Houses. Let us show that we are men by respecting the vote which has been arrived at upon this question.

Amendment, by leave, withdrawn.

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