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Tuesday, 9 August 1904

Mr G B EDWARDS (SOUTH SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES) - I agree with the honorable and learned member for Corinella as to the way in which we should proceed. It would be a mistake, I think, to omit a large portion of the clause, with a view to inserting some other words. By so doing we may get into trouble ; and we ought, therefore, to insert after the word"bounded" some words which will clearly express what is intended. The only difficulty is as to the radius.

Mr Batchelor - Should not the words which I think the honorable member has in mind, be inserted after the word '' within "?

Mr G B EDWARDS (SOUTH SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES) - I suggest that after the word " bounded," the following words be inserted : " by a circle, the radius of which measures seventeen miles from the township of Dalgety." That is the area marked out on the map as the Dalgety site. With a radius of fifty miles, or even of twenty -five miles, we should increase the subsequent difficulty in settling the site; and I think that a radius of seventeen miles-, as marked on the map, is amply sufficient, as we have already decided on the district. I am quite in accord with the leader of the Opposition that the House has come to an honest and legitimate decision. I have supported Lyndhurst all through, but I recognise the decision now arrived at as one we must respect, and notwithstanding differences of opinion as to the relative merits of the two sites, a decision amply justified by the qualifications of the site chosen. It would be a mistake to create trouble such as we have had in the past, and such as we might be supposed to have got rid of; but difficulty might arise if we created a large circle in which the Seat of Government must ultimately be fixed. If the Government will not adopt my suggestion, I should like to test the feeling of the Committee by moving an amendment in the terms I have indicated.

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