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Tuesday, 9 August 1904

Mr AUSTIN CHAPMAN (Eden) (Monaro) . - I would suggest to the Minister of Home Affairs that the better way to amend the clause in order to attain the object in view is first to settle which site is the more favoured bv the Committee, Bombala or Dalgety. We should take a vote in order to elicit an expression of opinion as between Bombala and Dalgety. If the proposal which the Minister has submitted is adopted we shall probably find ourselves blocked in the endeavour to obtain a port within the Federal area.

Mr Watson - Not at all.

Mr AUSTIN CHAPMAN - Then an amendment will be required in clause 3, which provides that the territory to be acquired is to be the territory mentioned in clause 2. We must first of all obtain an expression of opinion as to whether Bombala or Dalgety should be selected, and we must not deprive ourselves of the right to claim a port, the desirability of which has recommended the Bombala site to many honorable members. To lay it . down in clause 2, as the Minister proposes to do, that the site selected shall be within a radius of twenty-five miles of Dalgety, would, unless clause 3 were amended, exclude all possibility of the territory embracing a port. We should endeavour to leave the Bill as nearly as possible in the state in which the Senate sent it to us. To adopt the amendment proposed by the Minister would be practically to make a new Bill of it.

Mr BATCHELOR - The object of the Government is to get a nearer indication of the opinion of the Committee. In order that that may be done, we must first settle the question whether Bombala or Dalgety is to be chosen. That can be determined bv one vote.

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