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Tuesday, 9 August 1904

Mr CROUCH (CORIO, VICTORIA) - I desire to make a personal explanation. Last week, when the Seat of Government Bill was being discussed, and the honorable membeT. for Hume was speaking, I. interjected that a statement had appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald to the effect that the honorable member had said that he preferred Lyndhurst to the southern sites. His reply was that that was not so ; but I am now able to read to the House the absolute words of the statement to which I have referred. It occurs in a letter written to the Sydney Morning Herald on the 4th April, 1904, by the Rev. H. D. Seely-Vidal, a Church of England clergyman, residing at Carcoar, in New South Wales, and is as follows: -

Ere going on board the special train at Lyndhurst, when the subject of the possible sites was being discussed, I heard Sir William Lyne dis. tinclly say, in the presence of several others, that he, personally speaking, considered Lyndhurst the most eligible site, but that South Australia, Victoria, and Tasmania would outvote the other States, and keep the site down south. I then spoke to Sir William, and said - " Look here, Sir William, you throw all the weight of your influence on to the side of Lyndhurst, and we will chance South Australia, Victoria, and Tasmania outvoting it."

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