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Wednesday, 3 August 1904

Mr G B EDWARDS (SOUTH SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES) - The honorable member for EdenMonaro, in his eloquent advocacy of the site which he favours, has passed strictures on a number of honorable members, and has referred to the few remarks which I made with regard to Twofold Bay as quite absurd and extravagant. My contention was that Twofold Bay is not a port in the sense in which the honorable member refers to it. The soundings on the chart show clearly that there is only a narrow' channel through the Bay, and that an enormous expenditure would be required to make anything like a port. Threequarters of . a century ago a well-known man, named Ben Boyd, wrecked the whole of his fortune and those of many of his friends in his efforts to make Twofold Bay a rival to Sydney. All his efforts resulted in lamentable failure. When' I recently paid a visit to Twofold Bay I made a sporting offer for a billiard table which had been set up by Ben Boyd in the expectation that Twofold. Bay would become an important shipping centre. It can however, never be anything of the kind. The honorable member for Eden-Monaro has pinned his faith to Dalgety, and he was not called upon to go' out of his way to make statements with regard to Bombala, which cannot bc substantiated. It is an effort to get the credit of his- opinion respecting Bombala and the credit of his vote for Dalgety.

Mr SYDNEY SMITH (MACQUARIE, NEW SOUTH WALES) - Twofold Bay is how called " Boyd's folly."

Mr G B EDWARDS (SOUTH SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES) - Exactly. It is a historic fact that Twofold Bay stands condemned as a . port, and that nothing could be made of it except by the expenditure of a very much larger sum than the Commonwealth will ever be prepared to devote to such an undertaking.

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