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Wednesday, 27 July 1904

Mr REID (East Sydney) - Of course we all regret that the Budget Speech cannot be delivered during the present month, but I think that on this occasion the Prime Minister has given a sufficient reason for his failure to deliver it. We must assume that, in connexion with the classification of the Public Service, the Public Service Commissioner discharged his very onerous duties with proper diligence.

Mr Watson - I do not wish to implythat he failed to do so.

Mr REID - Assuming that to be so, the Government are clearly not in a position to lay the Estimates upon the table, and to deal with them at the present time. Consequently I do not think that any reasonable man can object to the course which Ministers are taking. They are strictly limiting their request for supply to the present month, with the addition of the special items which the Treasurer has mentioned, and personally I do not see any reason why we should not grant this-supply at once.

Question resolved in the affirmative.

Mr. WATSON(Bland - Treasurer). - I move -

That the following further sums be granted to His Majesty to defray the charges for the year 1902-3 for the several services hereunder specified, namely : -

I.   The Parliament, ^39.

IV.   The Department of Home Affairs, £47.

V.   The Department of the Treasury, ,£2,565.

VII.   The Department of Defence -

South Australian Military Forces.

Division No. 130.

Active Forces.

Subdivision No. 1 - Pay.

*Special duty pay as per regulations. .

Division No. 131 - Reserve.

Reserve Force.

Subdivision No. 1 - Pay.

Special duty pay as per regulations.

* Payable out of amount provided under corresponding division and subdivision of the second schedule to the Appropriation Act 1902-3.

VIII.   The Postmaster-General's Department, £3,000.

Sir William Lyne - Are these additional amounts ?

Mr WATSON - They merely involve the squaring up " of the accounts for the year 1902-3. These moneys were paid out of the Treasurer's advance, and brought to account, but no specific authority has been given to debit them against the particular votes to which they should have been debited under the Appropriation Act. It is impossible to. avoid these remanets, because it is only after the financial year has lapsed that we are able to debit them against the proper votes.

Sir William Lyne - Is there any list of the payments?

Mr WATSON - The schedule of the Bill has been circulated, I think. All the items are mentioned upon page 2. It is purely a matter of bookkeeping and of rearrangement of the headings under which these sums shall be charged.

Question resolved in the affirmative.

Mr WATSON - With the concurrence of the House I should like to alter the form of the motion of which I have given notice, so as to cover two Bills instead of one. I move -

That the Standing Orders be suspended in order to enable all steps to be taken to obtain Supply, and to pass the necessary Bills through all their stages without delay.

Question resolved in the affirmative.

Resolutions reported and adopted.

Resolutions of Ways and Means covering resolutions of Supply adopted.

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