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Tuesday, 26 July 1904

Mr WEBSTER (Gwydir) - I move-

That after the words " Southern District," in the schedule, the following words be inserted : - " comprising an area of land within a radius of fifty miles from Batlow."

The object of the amendment is to define the districts on which the House is asked to vote. Amendment of the kind is necessary in order that honorable members may know whether the districts submitted contain sites which they may favour or oppose. I intend to follow this amendment up by moving the insertion of similar words in reference to Bombala, in the south-eastern district, and to Tumut, in the western district'.

Mr. SYDNEYSMITH (Macquarie).- I do not think that honorable members quite understand what is before the House.

Mr Batchelor - The object of the amendments is to define the districts a little more closely.

Mr SYDNEY SMITH (MACQUARIE, NEW SOUTH WALES) - Do I understand that, in place of sites, merely districts within a radius of fifty miles are to be voted upon? Will it be competent to first decide on the district, and then insert the name of a certain place, or shall we be compelled to vote for a particular district within a radius of fifty miles, without having anynames for our guidance?

Mr SPEAKER -If the amendments were carried, the House would have resolved that the schedule should stand in this form -

Southern distric't, comprising a radius of fifty miles from Batlow.

South-eastern district, comprising a radius of fifty miles from Bombala.

Western district, comprising a radius . of fifty miles from Lyndhurst.

On only those three issues would the balloting take place. If, however, honorable members desire that the issue shall be voted on in another way, it will be competent for the House to reject the amendment now moved, strike out the three districts named in the schedule, and insert a number of places in lieu thereof.

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