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Thursday, 21 July 1904

Mr WATSON (Bland) (Treasurer) . - I move -

That the House do now. adjourn.

Next week I shall ask honorable members I to pass a Supply Bill for the payment of the ordinary services for the month of July. As I indicated some time ago, I have not been able this year to advance the preparations for the delivery of the Budget as rapidly as was the case last year, owing to the late period at which the scheme for the classification of the Public Service was presented to the Government and Parliament. Therefore, next week I shall be under the necessity of asking that a Supply Bill shall be passed. It will not contain any items other than those which are necessary for carrying on the ordinary services for this month, on the basis of last year's pay-, ments.

Mr Deakin - What other business will be taken next week?

Mr WATSON - The Seat of Government Bill.

Mr Deakin - All the week?

Mr WATSON - Until . it is finished with.

Mr Deakin - When shall we see any amendments which Ministers intend to propose on the recommittal of the Conciliation and Arbitration Bill?

Mr WATSON - I hope to have those amendments- ready for the printer by Tuesday next. But in any case the reconsideration of the Conciliation and Arbitration Bill will be proceeded with as soon as the Seat of Government Bill has been finished with - unless, of course, the debate on that measure should last until a few hours before the House would ordinarily conclude its sittings for the week.

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