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Thursday, 21 July 1904

Mr CONROY (Werriwa) - I should not have risen but for the extraordinary allegation made by the honorable member for Hume, that I was in favour of having the area of the Tumut site extended to the Murrumbidgee. On referring to Hansard, I find that when the honorable member himself made a suggestion to that effect, I asked - .

Why not take it to the Tweed River ; that would be one of the limits naturally, because it is on the Queensland border.

I protested against the extension of the territory as making the whole Bill a farce - as a proposal not likely to be listened to for one moment by the people of New South Wales. I think the honorable member for Hume must have confused me with the honorable member for Canobolas, who did make some suggestion about the Murrumbidgee, though, I believe, that that suggestion was made with the same object as was my own, namely, to show the absolute absurdity of the whole proposal. If it is thought fit, as a reward for the votes of the honorable, member for Hume, that this picnic should be arranged, well and good ; but let the honorable member boldly say, "I have a right to go on this picnic, because of my votes in the House." For three years the honorable member for Hume was Minister, and he knew of this district, but we never heard one word about it as a proposed Capital site. If he had taken honorable members to the site on a visit of inspection, it is probable they would have regarded their time as wasted; but three years afterwards, the honorable member comes forward with a suggestion to visit this district, which, although in some parts very nice, is in others heavily timbered, the climate not being the most pleasant in the world. It is extraordinary that, with the whole of the honorable member's electors making suggestions as to where the Capital should be, no one once mentioned this site. If Tooma should turn out to be the best place, I have no objection to its being chosen ; but it would be a distinct departure from the real spirit of the agreement that-

Mr SPEAKER - I must ask the honorable and learned member not to discuss the Bill.

Mr CONROY - I was only going to say that it would be a distinct departure from the agreement arrived at with New South Wales. I regret that the honorable member for Hume should have made use of my name, when I was not the one from whom the suggestion came, to extend the area to the Mumimbidgee ; and I further regret that he does not see fit to withdraw the statement.

Sir William Lyne - What I said will be found in Hansard.

Mr CONROY - I have referred to Hansard, and I am certain the honorable member never heard me make such a suggestion.

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