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Wednesday, 20 July 1904

Mr LONSDALE (NEW ENGLAND, NEW SOUTH WALES) asked the Minister of Trade and Customs, upon notice -

1.   Was the Customs revenue for each of the two last financial years larger in New South Wales than in Victoria; if so, what were the figures for each State?

2.   Why did the Public Service Commissioner classify the salaries of forty-nine Customs officers in Victoria at .£19,235 - he, at the same time, classifying forty-seven officers doing similar work in New South Wales at £14,415?

3.   How was it that under the circumstances the salaries of the forty-nine Victorian officers were increased £576, and the salaries of the forty-seven New South Wales officers increased only £360?

4.   Why are a Chief Clerk and an Inspector of Accounts, at salaries of £750 and £650 respectively, required in Victoria, and not in New South Wales?

5.   For what reason is the Excise Inspector in Victoria to receive £535, and the corresponding officer in New South Wales to receive only £360?

6.   Are not the collections of Excise revenue about £250,000 greater in New South Wales than in Victoria. In addition, has not the officer in New South Wales to control the payment of £40,000 per year as bonus on white-grown sugar ?

7.   Why are the Accountant. Cashier, Clerks in charge of Jerquery Statistics and Correspondence Rooms, and Revenue Detective Inspectors in New South Wales to be paid lower salaries than similar officers in Victoria?

8.   Why is there such a marked difference between the salaries of the Clerks in the Long Room, Warehouse Accounts, and Statistical branches in New South Wales, and those of like officers in Victoria?

9.   Why are thirteen Examiners in Victoria to receive a total of £5,120, and thirteen examiners in New South Wales to receive only £4,290?

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