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Thursday, 14 July 1904

Sir JOHN FORREST (Swan) - An addendum such as has been moved is somewhat unusual. My experience is that, after a House has passed a resolution in which it desires the concurrence of another Chamber, the usual procedure is to pass a second resolution to that effect. The motion now before us is a difficult one to discuss, because of the restrictions placed upon our remarks in regard to it by our Standing Orders. It has been argued that the course proposed to be taken may lead to dire results, inasmuch as it may cause delay in placing upon the Statute-book a measure which is intended to meet certain difficulties likely to arise in the future. There is no doubt that if the clauses referred to are inserted in the Arbitration Bill, delay will ensue, because the measure will be reserved for the Royal Assent. Delay will also occur in the passing of those provisions into law if they are referred to the Navigation Commission for consideration and report. But those who wish that the Arbitration Bill shall be passed as quickly as possible should oppose the insertion of unnecessary provisions, and of provisions whichare not urgent. It has not been sought to be shown that there is any necessity for placing in the Arbitration Bill the clauses which the honorable member for Franklin wishes to remit to the Royal Commission on the Navigation Bill, and those who are really desirous of pre venting strikes will not encumber that Bill with provisions which, however useful they may be in the future, have not been shown to be in the least degree either necessary or requisite at the present time.

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