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Thursday, 14 July 1904

Mr SPEAKER - I am afraid that the honorable member is travelling beyond .the limits of a personal explanation.

Mr CHANTER - I confess that I find myself in a difficult position. I shall be compelled to leave the House very shortly, and as the honorable member for Grampians has questioned my veracity, I desire to take the first opportunity of proving my statements, if I may be privileged to digress a_ little.

Mr KING O'MALLEY (DARWIN, TASMANIA) - Mov - Move the adjournment of the House.

Mr CHANTER - I have no desire fo waste the time of honorable members by adopting that course.

Mr SPEAKER - I would point out to the honorable member that he is at liberty to make an explanation concerning any statement of his own. That, however, does not confer upon him a right to issue a challenge in regard to the statements of any other honorable member, or to ask that certain questions shall be answered at a later stage. The honorable member is quite in order in justifying himself in any way he may think fit.

Mr CHANTER - Probably I shall have an opportunity of entering into details upon another occasion. From my own knowledge of the circumstances which obtain in the Riverina district, I unhesitatingly affirm that during the past twenty years the funds of the Pastoralists' Association have been very largely used for political purposes. I am assured, on the authority of a very reliable man, who is himself a pastoralist, that at one election in which he was interested, the Association engaged a special train to run from Melbourne, for the purpose of conveying voters to the poll with a view to furthering the interests of the candidate who was a member of their body. These facts are within my own knowledge. I could multiply such instances, but the rules of the House prevent me from doing so on this occasion. I merely mention them to show that I have good grounds for my belief. Later on, I shall give further similar illustrations, and I shall ask the honorable member for Grampians to satisfy the House and the country as to the truth or otherwise of my statements by producing the books of the Association.

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