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Thursday, 7 July 1904

Mr ROBINSON (Wannon) - If I understand rightly, the amendment means that the Courtcan give power to alter the rules of an association.

Mr Hughes - For this particular purpose.

Mr ROBINSON - For the purpose of registration ?

Mr HUGHES - The particular purpose is to bring the rules of an association into conformity with the requirements of the Bill, as set forth in the schedule or the body of the Bill, as the case may be.

Amendment agreed to.

Amendment (by Mr. Hughes) proposed

That after the word "shall" the following words be inserted - " notwithstanding anything in the constitution or rules of the association."

Mr. ROBINSON(Wannon).- If I appreciate the point correctly, the objection raised last night on another clause, that the rules of some associations could not be altered to make them comply with the provisions of the Bill in less than a year, would not have been taken had honorable member opposite, who raised it, looked ahead to this amendment.

Amendment agreed to.

Clause, as amended, agreed to.

Clauses 64 to 66 agreed to.

Clause 67 -

(1)   If it appears to the Registrar . . .

(c)   that the rules of a registered organization have been altered so as to no longer comply with the prescribed conditions, or have not bond fide been observed ; . . he shall make application to the President for the cancellation of the registration of the organization, giving notice thereof to the organization at its registered office........

Amendment (by Sir John Forrest) agreed to -

That the following new paragraph be inserted after paragraph (c) : - " (cb.) that the rules of a registered organization or their administration do not provide reasonable facilities for the admission of new members or impose unreasonable conditions upon the continuance of their membership or are in any way tyrannical or oppressive."

Clause further amended consequentially.

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