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Thursday, 7 July 1904

Mr CROUCH (CORIO, VICTORIA) asked the Treasurer, upon notice -

In reference to his reply to Question No. 8 of 29th June last (Hansard, page 2800), that " the Colonial Defence Committee had not recommended the Defence Department to abolish the Volunteer Forces of the Commonwealth," and to the following statement, signed by Colonel Altham, London War Office : - " The Colonial Defence Committee have recommended' the abolition of the Volunteers of the Commonwealth, and that, with the exception of a nucleus of permanent troops, the Australian Forces should be composed entirely of partially-paid troops'" (page 44, Papers of Colonial Conference, printed by order of House of Representatives, 28th May, 1903)-

1.   Will he cause such recommendation to be laid on the table of the House, if received?

2.   Who are the members of the Colonial Defence Committee of London ?

3.   Does the Defence Department permit them to interfere in the internal administration and pay of Australian troops?

4.   Will he cause publicity to be given to all their recommendations?

5.   Does the General Officer Commanding receive communications and advice from this Committee, or from any other ex-Australian military authority, without the knowledge of, or submitting such communications to, the Minister or the Secretary for Defence?

6.   If so, will the Minister cause this practice to be discontinued?

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