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Thursday, 30 June 1904

Mr DEAKIN (Ballarat) - I do not rise for the purpose of urging any objections to this Bill. I think that the Committee generally will approve of the- action of the Prime Minister in proposing to make the necessary advance to the Defence Department for the purposes which he has outlined. Under any circumstances, that payment would require to be made during the year which commences to-morrow. The fact that the Government will be able, to make, it at an earlier date than would be possible if we waited till the Appropriation Bill were passed will convenience the militia officers throughout Australia. The remainder of the expenditure contemplated in this Bill is necessary to put the Treasurer's advance vote in funds. That is very necessary, on account of the miscellaneous and unforeseen demands which will require to be met. Indeed, the vote asked for is 'very similar to that which was granted at a corresponding period last year. Under these circumstances, I think that the Committee will have little or no hesitation in agreeing to this Bill. I understand that some honorable members desire to call attention to particular questions, but, apart from that, I do not anticipate any opposition to the measure.

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