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Wednesday, 29 June 1904

In Committee(Consideration resumed from 28th June, vide page 2748) :

Clause 62 -

1.   Any of the following associations may, on compliance with the prescribed conditions, be registered in the manner prescribed as an organization : -

(a)   Any association of employers in or in connexion with any industry, who have in the aggregate, throughout the six months next preceding the application for registration, employed on an average taken per month not less than 100 employees in that industry ; and

(4)   Any association of not less than 100 employees in or in connexion with any industry.

2.   The conditions to bc complied with by associations so applying for registration shall, until otherwise prescribed, be as set out in Schedule B.

3.   Upon registration, the association shall become and be an organization.

Upon which Mr. .Glynn had moved by way of amendment -

That after the word " industry," line 14, the following words be inserted, "Provided that no association shall be registered : -

1.   Unless it has been formed, and exists solely for the purposes of this Act, or."

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