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Tuesday, 28 June 1904

Mr WATSON - The idea under which the two clauses were drafted in different terms was that clause 55 was intended to deal with persons who committed an aggravated series of offences, or an aggregation of offences. Clause 56 deals with .the case of a person who may commit an offence for the first time, but still by wilful default, as distinguished from a person making 'default without real intention.

Mr BRUCE SMITH (PARKES, NEW SOUTH WALES) - It would have been better if the clauses had been in reverse order.

Mr WATSON - Perhaps it would have been better if the first of these clauses had dealt with a first wilful default, and if the aggregation of offences had been dealt with later on.

Clause, as amended, agreed to. 1

Clause 57 -

Any person adjudged to be guilty of any contravention of Part II. of this Act or of wilful default in compliance with any award shall, in addition to any penalty imposed for the offence, be and continue subject to the following disabilities : -

(a)   he shall not be entitled to any rights pri vileges benefits or advantages under this Act, and this Act shall, so far as any such rights privileges benefits "or advantages are concerned, cease to apply to him.

(b)   he shall cease to be a member or officer of any organization, or of any association which is, or is part of, any organization, and shall not be qualified to become a member or officer of any organization or of any such association.

(c)   he shall lose all existing or accruing rights to any payment out of the funds of any organization, or of any association which is, or is part of, any organization, and the receipt by him of any such payment, or the making of any such payment to him by any person or organization, or by any such association, shall be an offence under this Act. Penalty : Twenty pounds.

(d)   he shall not be qualified to be or (notwith standing anything in this Act) to continue a member of the Court.

Provided that the Court may at any time in its discretion, if it appears that the contravention breach or non-observance has been sufficiently punished, and that the effective administration of this Act will not he prejudiced by the removal of the disabilities, order that the disabilities or any of them be removed.

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