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Friday, 24 June 1904

Mr DEAKIN (Ballarat) - I am sure honorable members are very gratified tq hear the statement of the Minister of Home Affairs, which removes or clears up the obscurities of the position as I felt them this morning. I thought it was impossible that the; whole of the scheme and its principles could have been accepted by the Government at such short 'notice, and before there had been opportunity for appeal on the part of public servants, or for consideration and comment on the part of the general public. The statement shows that; the Orders in Council passed have a narrower scope than was stated.

Mr Batchelor - There are to be no statutory rights acquired pending a decision; - -

Mr DEAKIN -The. Government will have an opportunity to consider the scheme, not as to the salaries which particular persons are to receive, either by way of increase or by way of reduction, but to ascertain the principles on which the services of the six different States have been adjusted, and to satisfy themselves that those principles are, as I believe they will be found to be, perfectly fair to all concerned/ and within the limits of the economy which the country requires us to enforce. I am sure that the statement so clearly made by the Minister, will remove a good deal of apprehension, especially on the part of the public, to whom the scheme represents so much.

Mr Batchelor - .Tentatively the Government have adopted the scheme.

Mr DEAKIN - For the purpose of further .investigation ?

Mr Batchelor - Yes.

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