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Friday, 24 June 1904

Mr BATCHELOR (Boothby) (Minister of Home Affairs) . - The Public Service Commissioner has prepared a scheme of classification, as directed by the Parliament, and sent to the Governor-General a report which has been laid before the House, and will be published in the Gazette for public information. It cannot be operative, of course, until any appeals have been heard, as provided by section 50 of the Act -

Provided that, in the case of reports or recommendation made by the Commissioner to the "Governor-General, all such appeals must be taken before the reports and recommendation are dealt with by the Governor-General under the provisions of this Act.

Certain amended regulations have been agreed to by the Governor-General in Council. 'They have reference to the power to charge rent, the fixing of' salaries of certain offices at the maximum of the grades, so that, in the event of any alteration, the officers shall not, in the meantime, have acquired statutory rights, and the determining of the scale of district allowances. Only these amended regulations have been placed before the Governor-General in Council, and they are operative. . The others are merely tentatively operative for a period of some thirty days, in which appeals can be heard according to the regulations. There is another period, of thirty days in which 1 appeals can be considered by the Commissioner, and his decision arrived at. Then comes in the really operative condition, as laid down in section 9 of the Act- -

The Commissioner shall recommend, to the 1 Governor-General foi determination -

When that stage is reached - after the appeals have' been heard and any proposals are made in this House and discussed, and, if necessary, considered by the Commissioner - the' Governor-General in Council will adopt or send back the classification to the Commissioner for reconsideration.

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