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Friday, 24 June 1904

Mr WATSON (Bland) (Treasurer) .- I have to announce with sincere regret the death of Mr. Copeland, the late AgentGeneral for New South Wales. Although it may appear invidious to single out for notice the death of a gentleman who was an officer of a State, and not of the Commonwealth, it will not seem so when I add that during the last three years he, together with the other Agents-General, in many important matters acted gratuitously on behalf of the Commonwealth. Perhaps he, more than any other of the Agents-General, had thrust upon him a very great deal of Commonwealth work, and he performed it with the whole-souled devotion to duty which always characterized him. I had a long acquaintance with Mr. Copeland as a member of the New South Wales Parliament. He was in the public life of that Colony for very many years prior to Federation, and I am sure that I shall have the sympathy of every member of the House who knew him when I say that, no man in its public life better deserved the appreciation and good-will of the people, or more genuinely earned it, than he did.

Mr Wilks - He( was a sterling old chap.

Mr WATSON - I have taken steps on behalf of the Government to show our sincere regret at his death, and our sympathy with those whom he has left behind. He had undertaken to add to the many obligations which the Commonwealth Owed him by agreeing to act as our representative on the Pacific Cable Conference. I again express my extreme regret at , the loss which Australia generally has sustained in the death of so able a public man.

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