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Thursday, 23 June 1904

Mr DEAKIN (Ballarat) - The reply of the Minister of External. Affairs with regard to the statement by Sir Horace Tozer appears to be sufficient, so far as it goes. The Government have heard of no such proposal as that referred, to, and, therefore, have not been in a position to deal with it. I gather, however, from the comments of some of the representatives, of Queensland, that they do not view with favour the introduction of Italian settlers to that State, and conclude, further, from the remarks of the honorable member for Darwin, that apparently some special disability attaches to the people of that nation.

Mr O'Malley - Especially in the southern States of America.

Mr DEAKIN - I do not think that the Italian subjects in the southern States of America have been guilty of acts of a character of which the perpetrators ought to be ashamed more frequently than the people of other nations.

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