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Thursday, 23 June 1904

Mr GLYNN (Angas) - I desire to direct attention to the question of the increments to which certain officers in the Post Office and Telegraph Department are entitled under the Civil Service Act of South Australia of 1874, and which are continued under the Constitution. I directed attention to this matter as far back as last November, an.d the reply of the Treasurer in the following month was to the effect that the officers whose salaries were less than £160 would forthwith receive their increments, but that officers in receipt of higher salaries would have to await the result of further inquiry as- to the liability of the Commonwealth to pay these statutory increases. Thinking that there might be a mistake as to the legal position of the officers, I went fully into the matter, and in a letter which I addressed to the Treasurer, I asked that the justice of their claims as legally .presented by me, might be inquired into by the Crown Law Department. After several months had elapsed, I was informed that the position which I had taken up was correct, and that the officers were entitled to the statutory increases provided for under the South Australian Civil Service Act of 1874. The increases provided for, at the rate of ^10 per annum, have been suspended, in the case of some officers, from March, 1903, and, in the case of others, from July, 1903. Provision was made for these increments upon the Estimates of 1903, but they have not yet been .paid. About a fortnight ago

I was informed that the amounts thus provided for would be paid, but when in Adelaide a week ago I was told, and I have since received a written communication to the same effect, that, instead of the ,£1.0, some officers have received only ^5. whilst others, chiefly in the Postal Department, have had no intimation with regard to the matter. Perhaps the Minister of Home Affairs would inform the Committee why, after the Crown Law Department has advised that these stautuory increments must be paid under the Constitution, the full amount prescribed under' the South Australian Act of 1874, and provided for on the Estimates of 1903, has not been paid ; also, what is the meaning of the notification sent to some officers that half the amount is to be forwarded, whilst others have received no intimation whatever ?

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