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Thursday, 23 June 1904

Mr MAHON - The answers to the honorable member's questions are as follow : -

1.   The existing order, which is the same as that given in the United Kingdom, namely, that unrouted telegrams shall be sent by the Pacific route, provided that the rapidity of the service is as great as, and the rates not higher than, by any other route, has to some extent affected adversely the revenue of South Australia, but not that of Western Australia or Tasmania, and has benefited those States whose wires were used.

2.   It is impossible to give this information! as no record has been kept in any State except South Australia of the unrouted telegrams sent vid Pacific Cable. The South Australian revenue from June, 1903, to April, 1904, inclusive of both


months, suffered to the extent of ^3 is. 4d., while New South Wales and Queensland gained each £1 10s. 8d.

3.   The South Australian revenue loses on every message beyond Australasia which is sent vid Pacific, and which would otherwise have been sent vid Eastern, the amounts stated in the question.

SUPPLY (Formal).

Public Servants' Increments: Alien Restriction Administration : Land Settlement : Post and. Telegraph Administration.

Question - That Mr. Speaker do now leave the chair, and that the House resolve itself into Committee of Supply - proposed.

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