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Friday, 3 June 1904

Mr WATSON (Bland) (Treasurer) .In moving -

That the House do now adjourn,

I wish to say that on Wednesday next I anticipate bringing down some Supplementary Estimates. These will be confined to items of expenditure which have been paid by the Treasurer out of his advance vote, to cover emergency matters that have cropped up during the year. The reason why I must ask the House to consider these Estimates is that at the present time the Treasurer's advance vote is exhausted, and unless they are put through, we shall be unable to deal properly with urgent matters that may arise during the next few weeks.

Mr SYDNEY SMITH (MACQUARIE, NEW SOUTH WALES) - Are there any new items in these Estimates?

Mr WATSON - Not many.- Nearly all of them were authorized by the ex-Treasurer, and although they total a large sum, they chiefly represent advances against savings which have already been made upon the Estimates in chief. The passing of these Supplementary Estimates will enable the Treasury officials, who have a very hard month before them, to debit the payments to the Departments to which they properly belong.

Mr HUME COOK (BOURKE, VICTORIA) - Has any provision been made for the payment of arrears due to Victorian postal officials, who have established their claim to receive the same salary as officers holding similar positions in other States ?

Mr WATSON - Provision will be made for the payment of some of the ascertained claims in that connexion. These, of course, represent a debit against Victoria under the bookkeeping system. The officers have established their claim to sums which total about ^20,000, and we have now to pay the accumulated arrears for three years. I do not say that the ^20,000, which will be included in the Supplementary Estimates, will exhaust these claims, but it will provide for those officers who have established them.

Mr HUME COOK (BOURKE, VICTORIA) - The .£20,000 really represents the judgment of the Court?

Mr WATSON - Yes. I cannot see that we arc justified in paying other officers until some definite announcement has been made in regard to them. Acting on the advice of the Attorney-General, it is not my intention to compel the claimants to institute further proceedings. Apart from that item, the Supplementary Estimates will contain nothing which has not been paid out of the Treasurer's advance vote.

Question resolved in the affirmative.

Mouse adjourned nt 4.5 p.m.

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